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Bairnsdale is a great place to purchase a property. With plenty of employment opportunities, access to schools and public transport, Bairnsdale is an ideal place to relocate to. 

Purchasing a home is often a very daunting and stressful experience. Whether you are buying for yourself, your family or as an investment. You want to be sure the property you purchase is up to scratch. Therefore it is essential that you find out the current condition of the property with a pre-purchase building inspection. With specialised pre purchase home inspection, you can evaluate the condition of the property you are investing in and make sound financial decisions.

East Gippsland Pre-purchase Property Inspections has no other agenda than protecting your investment. Our pre purchase inspection services (including professional building and pest inspection as well as pre purchase home inspection) will help you determine if the property you want to buy really does meet your expectations. All our pre-purchase building inspections are conducted in accordance with the Australian Standards 4340.1.

With years of experience in providing pre purchase inspections, we truly understand the need for tailored pre purchase inspection and absolutely cater to it. Our detailed comprehensive condition report for your property adequately analyses and interprets structural condition thoroughly. While you are preparing to invest, we at East Gippsland Housing Inspections ensure that you are investing right.

Bairnsdale is the largest city in the East Gippsland region, situated on the Mitchell River which then flows into the extensive Gippsland Lakes system at Lake King.

Bairnsdale's large and busy commercial centre is built around the Princes Highway which opens up into a wide boulevard featuring trees, gardens and a rotunda in the central strip.

Bairnsdale is at the southern end-point of the Great Alpine Road which traverses the Great Dividing Range, and passes through the peaceful village of Bruthen, ascends to the remote Snowy Mountains town of Omeo, the alpine resort of Mount Hotham, the all year round holiday town of Bright, and finally ending up at the large north-eastern Victorian regional city of Wangaratta, over 300 kilometres away.

Bairnsdale is your ideal base for exploring the vast Gippsland Lakes, Mitchell River and the surrounding forests, Bairnsdale is a laid-back country town close to scenic drives. 

The gateway to the world-famous Gippsland Lakes, Bairnsdale is the perfect spot to stock up on boating, surfing, camping and fishing gear for your outdoor adventure. Choose from the wide range of shops and services on offer, and there are plenty of accommodation options available for those who would like to settle in for a few days. 

Bairnsdale is also a commercial centre for the local wool, dairy and timber industries.

Discover the region's wineries, brewery, restaurants and markets with many experiences located within a short drive of the town. Visit during the summer months and pick your own fruit at orchards and berry farms.

The sense of community here is very strong. Its population is close to 12,000, and the town is home to a number of families, and offers a number of facilities, with many schools and recreational activities. Bairnsdale is a commercial hub, providing many services to the Gippsland region. The driving distance from Melbourne to Bairnsdale is 280km.

Bairnsdale is bounded by the localities of Marthavale and Stirling in the north, Old Omeo Road, Shady Creek Road, Pound Yard Road, Little Dick Range Road, the locality of Fairy Dell, the Nicholson River, the localities of Wiseleigh, Mossiface and Tambo Upper, Duncan Road, Waddells Road, the locality of Nicholson, the Mitchell River, Paynesville Road, Barkhill Road, Peecks Road and the locality of Newlands Arm in the east, Wellington Shire in the south, and Cousens Road, Boundary Road, Redcourt Lane, the locality of Hillside, the Mitchell River, the localities of Calulu, Ellaswood and Merrijig and the Wentworth River in the west.

This area encompasses the localities of Bairnsdale, Banksia Peninsula, Bengworden, Broadlands, Bullumwaal, Clifton Creek, Deptford, East Bairnsdale, Eastwood, Forge Creek, Goon Nure, Granite Rock, Lucknow, Melwood, Mount Taylor, Ryans, Sarsfield, Waterholes and Wy Yung, and the East Gippsland Shire part of the locality of Hollands Landing.




The insides of a property is responsible for providing a safe and comfortable living space. With time and conditions, the interiors age and incur damage. During pre purchase inspection (including building and pest inspection as well as pre purchase home inspection), our team of experts will look for damage in any form and also analyse your living space for any future repair scopes. Our team of registered pre purchase inspectors will inspect:


The exteriors are responsible for tackling harsh weather conditions, keep pest infestations away and also protect from everyday weather changes. With years of exposure, the exteriors may incur damage and create scope for the vulnerability of the interiors. Understanding this, our trained pre purchase inspection experts carefully analyse and determine the need and extent for repair works the property may require. Our team of registered pre purchase inspectors will inspect:


Roof: Our team of registered pre purchase inspectors will check the roof cavity (interior) for any problems with insulation, framing and sarking. For the exteriors, we will look at the home’s tiles, gutters, gutters, downpipes, vents, flues and eaves to determine condition and if any repair work will be needed. 

Floor: Our team of registered pre purchase inspectors will carefully analyse your floor for any framing issues, check stumps, posts, ventilation and ensure there is no rising damp, surface water, dry rot or blocked vents.

Living Areas: Our inspection will cover the kitchen, bathroom, ensuites, laundry, toilets, bedrooms, lounge and common areas along with focus on doors, windows, carpets and tiles, architraves, stairs, storage spaces, wardrobes and other components of your living space. 

Inspecting the Outsides: Our trained and expert pre purchase inspectors never leave any stone unturned when it comes to pre purchase inspection Shepparton. We inspect your exterior stairs and decking, patios and pergolas, sheds and garages for damage and determine the need and extent of repair required (if any). Our pre purchase inspection experts also check walls, lintels, doors, windows, water systems; as well as the site itself, including fences, driveways, any walking paths, steps, surface drainage and outbuildings for damage/repair needs.


Conducting a pre-purchase inspection helps you evaluate the investment you are making from all perspectives (right from interiors, exteriors and even pest infestation chances)

We provide independent property inspections on demand. East Gippsland Housing Inspections provides pre-purchase property inspection services in Bairnsdale, Buchan, Cann River, Dinner Plain, Ensay, Kalimna, Lake Tyers, Lakes Entrance,  Mallacoota, Marlo, Metung, Mt Hotham, Murrindal. Nowa Nowa, Omeo, Orbost, Paynesville, Stratford, Swifts Creek, Tambo Crossing & surrounding areas


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