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About East Gippsland Housing Inspections

East Gippsland Housing Inspections is a family managed and locally operated business, servicing the entire East Gippsland region. We bring a high level of local knowledge and expertise which enable us to deliver the highest quality inspection services possible.

Our principal inspector Stephan Alsop grew up in East Gippsland, with over 25 years experience in the local building industry. This has given him insider knowledge on the types of construction and methods used locally, and the possible defects that may present as a result.

East Gippsland Housing Inspections is all about the local community and we will treat your Inspection as if it was our own home. 

For a quality inspection, detailed report and superior level of customer service, contact Stephan at East Gippsland Housing Inspections today 

With one vision in Mind

East Gippsland Housing Inspections guarantees quality service and high levels of professionalism.  We work in accordance with all Australian standards, to ensure you are getting an independent report that leaves you feeling confident and well informed.

And it is our mission

To provide our clients with a property inspection report that details any current problems the property has, including – major structural defects, minor defects associated with major defect and safety hazards. We aim to provide our customers with full awareness and recommendations, ensuring there are no surprises down the track.


Why Choose East Gippsland Housing Inspections

Full Insured

We have full public liability and professional indemnity insurances, guaranteeing your property.

Experienced Professional

We know the local region like the back of our hand and years of experience in the building industry. Quality workmanship, guaranteed.

Reliable & Affordable

We pride ourselves for being reliable, knowledgeable and experienced; and our prices are affordable and competitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Home & Property Inspections

A home inspection is a well calculated and limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home. There are various home inspections that can be performed based on the need. East Gippsland Housing Inspections offers home inspection for the following:

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Pre Sale Inspections
  • Pre Handover Inspections
  • Pre-Auction Inspections
  • Pest & Termite Inspections
  • Combined Building & Pest Inspections

When inspecting a property, our team of pre-purchase property inspectors leave no stone unturned. We start by evaluating the living area which includes the kitchen, bathroom, ensuites, laundry, toilets, bedrooms, lounge and common areas, doors, windows, carpets and tiles, architraves, stairs, storage spaces and wardrobes to determine if any (major or minor) damage is present. Similarly, we inspect the outdoor elements such as stairs and decking, patios and pergolas, sheds and garages. We also check walls, lintels, doors, windows, water systems; as well as the site itself, including fences, driveways, any walking paths, steps to identify surface drainage and outbuildings. We also thoroughly examine the roof cavity (interior) for any problems with insulation, framing and sarking. For the outsides, we will inspect the home’s tiles, gutters, gutters, downpipes, vents, flues and eaves to detect any sort of damage or defect. 

Most of our inspections are completed within 24 hours of instruction but on special occasions, as in a pre-auction inspection, we will have your reports delivered the same day.

Our experts at East Gippsland Housing Inspections understand the rush and eagerness to know how the property you are aiming to invest in is. We conclude our inspections in 24 hours and deliver a well documented and thorough home inspection report at the earliest possibility. On special occasions, as in a pre-auction inspection, we will have your reports delivered the same day.

The benefits of a home inspection are always going to be in your favour. Here are the top 6 reasons you should absolutely go for a home inspection with East Gippsland Housing Inspections:

  • Expert identified warning signals that carry the potential to become serious property threats in future
  • Professional home inspections can also identify if the property is as per Australian Standards and Tolerance
  • Puts you in a negotiating position in case minor flaws in the property have been identified that can be easily repaired by the seller or compensated from the initial quoted price
  • A thorough home inspection will give insights on the condition of the property, its actual value and if there’s need for repairs (both, major and minor)
  • With a specialist home inspector examining your property and a well-documented report at the end brings a sense of confidence about the investment you are about to make
  • Helps you plan ahead in terms of personal choices with decorations, furniture placement and appliance installation
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